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Africa Night

Sahara launched Africa Night on August 13,2011 with houseband Zoumountchi on stage. Opening acts performing regularly over the years include some of the best local African/Caribbean/Latino bands such as Emman LeGrand and the African Rhythmix (a Congolese soukous band from Houston), Bamako Airlines, Kupira Marimba, Forro’ de Quintal, Maracatu Texas, Huerta Culture, Roland and the Roots Riddim, Leticia Rodriguez y La Banda, and Bramaya.

House band, Zoumountchi, led by Ibrahim Aminou, takes the stage at midnight and rocks the house until 2am.

What’s special about Africa Night? In addition to the dancing, and fabulous music, people love the diverse crowd. You could be dancing or talking with someone of any ethnic background, profession or economic class. Conversations in the backyard range from global politics, social and environment concerns to sharing of personal struggles and triumphs.

The free buffet dinner is of course a draw – Spicy meatballs or chicken, vegetarian beans and rice with vegetables and tortilla chips.